Project “Diversity Residence” 

Hostel and seminar house in Sighnaghi Municipality,  


Our vision is a strong and lively rural community in Kakheti region, enhancing diversity and pluralism, which we believe is already locally rooted in Nukriani. 

Diversity Residence is our contribution to make this vision come true with

  • Empowering rural, “kakhetian” community through providing free and aсcessible space to develop their knowledge and resources, ability for self-realization and positive change.
  • Create space for hosting educational seminars, which provides a safe, clean, comfortable, affordable location where budget-conscious communities, organizations and companies, can hold training, seminars, workshops and retreats for their staff and beneficiaries. 
  • This social enterprise will be a revenue stream of local community initiatives and supplemental funding that will support Iris Group’s non-formal education program, which promotes community work, active citizenship, peace and conflict transformation in Georgia and in the Caucasus. 

Project Description

Since 2010, IRIS Group is active in empowering young adults in Georgia for civic engagement in their communities. In 2018, we started creating a place where people can come together, feel welcomed and accepted, learn from each other and get engaged for community work: The  Diversity Residence.

Diversity Residence is a social enterprise and multi-functional community center in rural Georgia in Nukriani, that will provide lodging, food and training space and where

  • Iris-Group’s educational projects will take place,
  • NGOs, companies, activists, artists, youngsters,… can organize events and create activities,
  • Individual travelers and groups can get to know the region and connect with locals and local activities (mainly on holidays, in the grape picking season and August – September),
  • Locals can come together and offer insights into Georgian traditions and delicious cuisine.


All under the breathtaking views of the mountains and with promoting an environment of tolerance, diversity and harmony. Diversity Residence will offer space for 35 people, wooden bunk beds, local kitchen, a huge garden and plenty of space for creativity. The house is 300 sq.m and has a ½ hectar garden with grapes, cherries, walnuts and other fruits.

At the same time, Diversity Residence works as a social business and will create income for local community by

  • managing and working in the center
  • selling local products
  • providing workshops
  • organizing guiding tours