National Youth Survey by UNICEF

The reaserach is dedicated to analysis of the situation and needs of youth in Georgia. The study findings will inform the development of the National Youth Action Plan – a fundamentally important initiative – providing an example of a comprehensive and holistic policy approach to youth-related matters in Georgia and focusing on the following thematic areas: Youth participation in social, economic, cultural and political activities; Promotion of youth education, employment and mobility; Health care; Special support and protection...

Needs assesmment of ethnic minorities in Georgia_ECMI

The goal of the study is to identify barriers that hinder ethnic minority women and girls from full participation in all spheres of societal life, and offer policy recommendations to overcome these barriers. Among the key obstacles - the study findings have revealed - belong the lack of knowledge of the majority language, high school drop-out rate among girls (due to the practice of early marriage), lack of the preschool facilities that prevent women from searching for gainful jobs, and limited participation of women in local government bodies.

Students attitudes towards minorities and the role of media_TDI

Within the scope of this research, several forms of intolerance and lack of acceptance of others were revealed, the majority of which stemmed from incorrect or insufficient information and unavailability/lack of sources of corresponding education. Religious identity dominates other types of identities, which can probably be explained by repression of religious expression under the Soviet Union and subsequent growth of the social role and power of the Georgoan Orthodox Church and the Patriarchate of Georgia.