Diversity Festival visits Zugdidi

Diversity Festival visits Zugdidi

28/12/17 Iris Group news /

Diversity Festival, annual event of the Diversity School program, visited Zugdidi city this year. The Festival day in Tech park Zugdidi was full of installations, interactive games, art & photo exhibitions, performances and many many emotions. Diversity School fellows presented their social projects and initiatives, which they’ve implemented in the frame of the program. In one space guests got familiar with 17 projects of 42 fellows.

What kind of issues do people face in Akhalkalaki, Gori, Kutaisi, Ninotsminda, Chkhorotsku, Sagarejo, Sachkhere, Sadakhlo, Stefantsminda, Tbilisi, Tsalka, Zestafoni, Dvani, Tsnori, Marneuli and Borjomi? Participants of Diversity School, 17-24 years old young people chose the topics of their projects according to the needs of their communities to tekle the problems that they ancounter in theri societies. Participants briefed guests about their personal development and stories happened during their one year in the program.

Despite the cold weather and the rain a lot of young people, representatives of local organizations, City Hall and media came to Tech park. The local band Under 7 supported the participants and created really joyful atmosphere.
We would like to thank everyone, who got interested, attended and shared our celebration with us. Also to those, who supported us and to Tech park Zugdidi for hosting us. We want to thank our participants, alumni, mentors, facilitators, whose stories and experience make us believe, that all of us can improve our environment with small steps!

In the exhibition hall there will shown 17 projects of 42 participants of Diversity School. Local band Under 7 will support the participants and will take care of the special acoustic of the event.

By attending the event, you will become part of the personal stories of the program participants and their companions of one-year journey of active citizenship, self-development and improving the surrounding!

Diversity Festival is being organized in the frame of Diversity School (www.diversityschool.net).

Diversity School is implemented by Iris Group – Managing Divesity in a partnership with MitOst e.V. and funded by ifa Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (under the program zivik – Civil Conflict resolution).