Spring seminars of Diversity School 2017 are finished

Spring seminars of Diversity School 2017 are finished

10/11/17 Iris Group news /
Spring seminars of the Diversity School 2017 are finished. The seminar gathered 50 participants from different regions of Georgia in a very beautiful mountainous resort Sairme. The first stage of the program was covered with two separate meetings of 25 participants. First one held on May 6-14 and second one on May 20-28. During these eight active working days with trainers participants discussed and got more information about various topics, such as identity, diversity and civic activism.

“Till the program I had not ethnic Georgian friends, but now I’ve got so many of them and I’m happy with this “diversity” that I have. I started thinking differently about various topics. It really was one huge step towards my goals.
Also, before the school I had not much information about ethnic or other minorities. But now I feel like I know so much about this topic; I also learnt what does identity mean, realize that I’m important not only for my community, but also for my country and for the world too.

The participants also worked on their own ideas and developed social-type of initiatives. The initiatives are still to be improved and will get final shape of projects on the next meeting, Project Management Seminar, which will be held in July.
In addition, they have already written project proposals and overall, 21 applications are received for granting by Iris Group. Jury consisted of coordinators and facilitators has already started reviewing process. Chosen project groups and participants will be invited at the next meeting.

“First of all, I learnt thinking… thinking from different perspective. I evaluated myself, my values and priorities; improve skills of effective communication and team-working. Once again I reanalyzed problems and values of my society. I deemed myself as a citizen and a human more deeply now.
We had amazing  energizers  and seminar format. We also worked on our project ideas.
My project group’s aim is to raise awareness of the teenage girls. I am from Sagarejo and it is crucial issue there. So I feel great responsibility to make my project the best.
I feel that I’m part of the big family, feel like I was in the fairy tale. Every day, every second of this tale was full of warmness. I miss every day from there that will never come back but soon will repeat”, Magda Saginashvili.


Young people from Georgia participated in youth exchange program “Open-minded”

A few days ago the Youth Exchange Program “Open-Minded” has ended. Participants from Georgia returned back home with new impressions and emotions. For 10 days they were in Magdeburg – beautiful and historic city on the River Elbe, in the east of Germany. “Iris Group – Managing Diversity” is already 4th year sending motivated and interested young people from Georgia to take part in the project organised by our partner organization „Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg”. Together with Georgians, there are participants from Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia.

The project is presented to the public with different name every year, but the program stays almost the same: traditionally, there are four workshops of photography, street dances, blogging and film. Trainers of each workshop are professionals of the field. The dance workshop, for example, is led by dancers of well-known German dance group “Flowjob”. The workshops include tasks, sharing knowledge and experiences, teamwork and interesting activities for each member of the group. For Georgian participants the most impressive activity from photography workshop was making pinhole camera and developing pictures in a dark room. Participants were fully involved in the working process, they were preparing movie, making photos and corrections, adding some changes and wishes for final presentation held on the final day.
The presentation was opened by the dance workshop group. Their performance amazed everyone – it was mix of modern dances and also, traditional dances of participant countries. The participants of photography workshop shared their photos and emotions with the audience. Photo-exhibition was followed by the film screening, (https://vimeo.com/193843234)  made by participants from the film workshop. Finally, the audience got introduced to the blog too,  (http://openminded.atmagdeburg.de/), where members of the blogging workshop were writing on various topics during the ten days. They covered such topics, as national teams, music etc.