GOALS "Great COOrdinators with Advanced Leading Skills"

27/06/19 Announcement /

Deadline: July 11 2019
Project Dates: 25-31 August 2019
Place: Dolny Kubin, Slovak Republic 

Main topics

  • Needs of the volunteers and organisations;
  • Setting up the tasks for and with the volunteers;
  • Mentoring and supervision;
  • How to follow up the progress;
  • Conflict management.

The training will have many practical elements. Volunteers from Armenia, Russia and Spain who are currently doing their EVS in the town will be involved. We will visit several organizations working with international and local volunteer in the town and the region.


Learning outcomes

Preparation: after the training the participants from different organisations will be more aware of the needs of the volunteers and organisations and how to align them before the volunteer comes.

The organisational skills: we will make sure that the participants understand better after the training the importance of setting up the appropriate tasks for the volunteers, while having in mind the learning process of the volunteer and the mission of the organisation at the same time.

Communication skills: the training will to a high extend focus on the importance of effective communication (how to communicate with the volunteer(s), rest of the team, with the coordinating organisation, sending organisation, etc.).

Intercultural learning: the participants will also understand more on the importance of keeping in mind different cultural background of the volunteers.

How to apply

Follow the link to fill in the form

The potential applicants are kindly asked to contact also the involved sending organizations from their country: