Training Course in Thessaloniki, Greece

Training Course in Thessaloniki, Greece

18/05/19 Announcement / Call /

Application deadline: 26 May 2019
Time: 18-25 June 2019
Place: Thessaloniki, Greece


The aim of the course is to create awareness about social economy and social enterprises, appreciate the role of social entrepreneurship that creates social change, deepen participants understanding of the world around them, and to inspire them to create a vision where their passion and desire for change meets self-employability.

As Gandhi said: “be the change you want to see in the world”.

Target group

Youth workers, youth leaders, project managers, young people, members of youth social enterprises that are or plan to be engaged within social and solidarity economy.


  • Understand what social entrepreneurship is and its relation to sustainable development.
  • Explore different social enterprise approaches and identify different models through showcasing and local study visits.
  • Learn about the social impact of social enterprises.
  • Create a social enterprise business plan.
  • Explore Erasmus+ for entrepreneurial education and source of social enterprises  starting point.
  • Acquire practical tools for social entrepreneurs (needs analysis using the ‘problem tree method’, business plan development through the ‘business model canvas’, pitching tools.
  • Develop competencies, necessary for social entrepreneurs, such as cooperation, risk taking, sense of initiative, leadership, communication, teamwork, creative thinking and innovation for idea generation and problem solving.

How to apply

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