Iris Group offers position of project manager

Iris Group offers position of project manager

24/07/18 Announcement / Call / Job Opportunity /

Georgian NGO Iris Group-Managing Diversity offers position of project manager

Iris Group – Managing Diversity strives to promote a pluralistic society in Georgia. It supports young people to use their potential and the strength of diversity and contribute to the development of their society by active participation. It was founded in 2010 and NGO has team of 3 coordinators. We cooperate with partners like MitOst, Robert Bosch Stiftung (Germany), ifa, Erasmus + and etc.

Iris Group – Managing Diversity is looking for an experienced Project Manager, who will work in the organization for educational projects and for social enterprise -Diversity Residence. In the frame of the organization the manager will work together in a team of two coordinators. We’re looking for an enthusiastic, experienced person in management, who’s motivated to bring new ideas with us, shape the organization, who will carry out tasks and responsibilities related to Diversity Residence and the organization’s activities, who wants personal and professional development and is willing to run our big, new project social enterprise. Under a good candidate we consider a person who would become a part of the organization’s team with long-run cooperation and contribute much to sustain the Iris Group- Managing Diversity and run with us change making projects in civic spare.

Selected candidate has to start transferring the tasks in mid of August and fully overtake the position from September 01.

– Job Placement: Tbilisi, Georgia.
– Period of employment: September 01-December 31, 2018 (But with the extended project from 2019).
– Honorary: 500 Euro, per month gross equivalent in Gel
– Working hours: 30 hours/week 75 %


– Motivation and capacity to develop Iris Group
– 3 years’ experience working in a non-governmental or similar organization
– Experienced in project management on professional level
– Experience in working with social enterprises and on fundraising
– Striving for creative and innovative approaches
– Being competent in topic diversity, society, active citizenship
– Languages: English, Georgian fluent


– Overview and management of Iris Group’s projects
– Fundraising for future activities, including own position
– Strategic and organizational development of the organization
– Cooperation with local and International partners

Overview of main controlled projects

Diversity School

Diversity School is an educational program for active citizenship. It was first piloted in 2012.Diversity School promotes a pluralism of identities enabling members of different social groups in Georgia to better understand each other. We empower young people to use the potential offered by diversity to shape Georgia’s future as a country with space for a variety of ethnic groups, each possessing a broad range of aspirations and beliefs. Through our activities we support the efforts of Georgian civil society in taking steps to foster the respectful interaction between all kinds of minorities and the majority of society. In order to do so, Diversity School offers young people to take part in educational activities. From May until November the Diversity School participants attend the intensive training courses and seminars about diversity topic and learn about project management. The program activities are carried out in different regions of Georgia. In between of three different seminars, participants have opportunity to realize their potential and contribute in the development of different regions of Georgia by their own initiatives and projects which they’ll implement in the frame of the program.

Diversity Residence

Diversity Residence is social enterprise, contributing to sustain educational programs of Iris Group-Managing Diversity. Residence will be a multi-functional community center in Nukriani and facility that will provide lodging, food and training space to serve various budget conscious communities and organizations who are interested in promoting an environment of tolerance, diversity and harmony.  These communities and organizations can reserve training room space in the DR for seminars, training, workshops and team building events and local community can benefit with managing and working in the center, selling local products, providing workshops and tours and getting involved in DR educational activities. It will also be a place that welcomes budget conscious backpackers looking for short term lodging, discovering rural Georgia, getting descent experience, learning traditional arts, cuisine, connecting with nature and seeking for interaction with locals. The hostel will accommodate 35 people and will have space for conference room. The aria village Nukriani is mountainous, it is close to the nature, thus inspirational. Possible hiking trails and cycling. Nukriani village is a rural Georgia and close to the community Iris Group works with Profit generated by the hostel will be reinvested back to the activities of our organization Iris Group activities or to the local community in Nukriani.


The deadline for applications is July 30th!


Please send your Motivation letter in PDF format in English including following aspects:

– Motivation letter (max 1 page)
– CV (max 2 pages)
– Relevant references (optional)
– Information about earliest possible start


Please, send your info to email:


Deadline for submission is 30th July.

Iris Group is waiting for you!


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